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  1. I have applied before, I was turned down three times, I went before a judge she turned me down and said, I could do light office work. I know within my heart that I could never do that to an organization. What you ask, be an inconsistent employee. I have bad days where I just need to stay home in bed. Why you ask, I suffer from migraines, fibromyalga, ulnar neuropathy, sensory neuropathy ” Newly Diagnosed”, seizures very rare, ” no witnessing parties” it caused a car wreck in 2013. Anxiety is another one, slipped or herniated discs in the neck back pain knee pain, ankle pain due to cippro. I’ve been to therapy for that as well. I’m just a hot mess.

    I think I was shafted. I volunteer at a local church, they stipan me with a housing allowance. I need to take pain meds to even function in the class.
    Thanks for letting me vent.


    1. Duane,

      Do you need to have someone from the Williams Law team contact you? You can also contact a team member through our website. There are contact forms in many locations on the website.

      I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. I am the website admin. It is not my place to give any sort of legal advice. Please go directly to a contact form if you seek legal advice.

      Thank you.


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